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Work Smart Not Hard

Schedule on the fly

The first step is to master the art of planning and scheduling, even from your mobile device. Schedule tasks, for yourself and for delegation.

Save everything to dropbox

Syncing your ideas, thoughts and schedules across your devices will ensure you are equipped at all times. Dropbox is an excellent tool for this.

Take notes and reminders

Next is to to master note taking, even in awkward moments. One impromptu idea could be the game-changes, and must be captured.

Take control over messages

Stay in a close loop with your team through effective communication to ensure the current project is being executed as planned on schedule

Newbies Experience

Getting off the ground seemed an impossible task, until I decided to follow the recommended steps. I’m very happy and proud of myself & my achievements.

linda mccartney

My original plan was just to augment my main job. I didn’t have high expectations, so everything was a surprise for me, including now quitting my main job.


I had strong doubts and reservations, which probably delayed my result. Eight months after I changed my belief system, I started seeing results. Still hard to believe.

victor garberl

“My day is usually quite hectic. But right here from my sofa, or my standing desk, I manage my entire business, and my clients from around the world.
It’s really a blessing to be able to do this, without commute.”

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